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Institute of Electronics,CAS

Contact: Wang Zhenxia

Phone: +86 10-58887524

Email: hkygxt@mail.ie.ac.cn

Chinese Aeronautic Remote Sensing System (CARSS)

      The Chinese Aeronautic Remote Sensing System (CARSS) is a comprehensive airborne remote sensing integration system and a national large-scale scientific research platform,including high-performance airplanes (MA60) equipped with state-of-the-art optical, microwave sensors as well as environmental and atmospheric equipment. After construction, the system will become the one with the advanced flight performance, highest degree integration, highest observation efficiency, the longest aerial operation time and the largest flight range in the field of remote sensing in China. The CARSS belongs to Major National Science and Technology Infrastructure. Its open sharing mechanism will provide fundamental science data and information support for our country and society.
      The CARSS science objective is to acquire the terrestrial, atmospheric, marine electromagnetic wave information and morphological information in China. The CARSS will carry out the regional elements and the change law study, and the earth systematic response study, providing important and fundamental information support for harmonious development of national economic society and resource environment. The CARSS will acquire original innovation achievements in the field of remote sensing information mechanism, application models and parameter verification for earth surface material study. The CARSS will develop the international leading level remote sensing equipment, to satisfy the urgent demand for geo-spatial information acquisition technology in China and to make contribution for the national earth observation program.
      The CARSS construction objective is to develop an airborne comprehensive integration remote sensing system with 10 sets of high performance equipment. It will be a highly effective and efficient measure to conduct China’s earth system science research, an experimental platform for improving and developing China’s remote sensing information science and technology, and the scientific data source for China’s information construction and national security. The CARSS will greatly promote the industrialization of China’s remote sensing sensor, data and application technologies.