Privacy Policy and Information Security

Personal Data Protection Agreement:

Welcome to CAS Large Research Infrastructures’User Portal (http://lssf.cas.cn/).

1) User Portal is obliged to protect the privacy of every applicant. Without your consent, we shall not revise or delete any of your personal information or file.User Portal will not sell, trade, or loan any personal information to other groups, individuals or private enterprise.

2) If you refuse to provide your personal information, We will not be able to conduct necessary review, administration, or other service. Accordingly User Portal keeps the right to turn down your application.

3) The website server can record the IP location of the users on the Website, time of online, and the web pages browsed on the Website etc. Such kind of information are referential to the surveys and analyses on the total visits of the Website and activities on the Website done by the management unit of User Portal, so as to promote the quality of services. These analyses only focus on the activities and total number of all users, but never on individual user.

4) The server of the Website is protected by "firewall", which prevents any illegal intrusion, damage or theft of information. When you are using the services and functions of User Portal, any information stored in this Website will be perfectly secured, so as to protect the security of your personal information.

5) Any questions about User Portal's Privacy Protection Policy, please contact us at: lssf@cashq.ac.cn.

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