Field Guide to the Bryophytes of Jinping Fenshuiling, Yunnan officially published

Dec 21,2020

      Jinping Fenshuiling National Nature Reserve has a rich bryoflora that over 500 species of bryophytes had been documented in the Reserve (Ma 2020), accounting for over 25% of species reported in Yunnan Province.
      Based on several field works from 2015~2019, the authors selected 226 species (154 genera, 72 families), almost all species have habitat shots and more than 80% of the taxa were accompanied by microscopic images showing diagnostic features. All species (except Herpetineuron toccoae) in the book were cited with corresponding voucher specimens for additional research. A brief description and discussion followed each species are written in both Chinese and English.
      The inclusion of species that are less commonly encountered elsewhere such as Bryocrumia vivicolor, Cololejeunea pluridentata, Cryptogonium dubium, Daltonia apiculata, D. waniana, Distichophyllum nigricaule, Isotachis japonica, Pleurozia gigantea, Pogonatum shevockii, Rheoshevockia fontana and Zoopsis liukiuensis showcased the uniqueness and healthiness of the habitats in the Reserve.
      Meanwhile, nearly 50 wide-spread species within the book, on the other hand, enables it can be used in most provinces in China, especially the southern ones. These common species in colored plates will help to establish a better idea of “what are bryophytes look like” for enthusiasts and amateurs. They are Aerobryidium filamentosum、Anomobryum nitidum、Barbula unguiculata、Bazzania tridens、Brachymenium nepalense、Brachythecium rivulare、Bryum argenteum、Campylopus umbellatus、Clastobryopsis planula、Cryptopapillaria fuscescens、Dicranum japonicum、Dumortiera hirsuta、Erythrodontium julaceum、Fissidens grandifrons、Folioceros fuciformis、Frullania nepalensis、Herbertus dicranus、Hookeria acutifolia、Hyophila involuta、Lejeunea flava、Lepidozia fauriana、Leucobryum javense、Marchantia emarginata subsp. tosana、Meteorium polytrichum、Octoblepharum albidum、Pellia epiphylla、Phaeoceros carolinianus、Physcomitrium sphaericum、Plagiomnium maximoviczii、Pogonatum cirratum、Porella campylophylla、Reboulia hemisphaerica、Scapania ciliata、Sphagnum junghuhnianum、Spruceanthus semirepandus、Symphyodon perrottetii、Syrrhopodon gardneri、Taxiphyllum taxirameum、Tayloria subglabra、Trachypodopsis serrulata var. crispatula、Torrentaria riparioides、Trematodon longicollis、Venturiella perrottetii、Wiesnerella denudata and Zygodon viridissimus.
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