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Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics,CAS

Contact: Zhang Yan

Phone: +86 21-69918169

Email: sgoffice@mail.shcnc.ac.cn

ShenGuang-Ⅱ Laser Facility (SG-Ⅱ)
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      The integrated ShenGuang-II platform (SG-II in short) has been developed by Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, CAS and Shanghai Institute of Laser Plasma, CAEP together, and was focused on high power laser facilities building and ICF relative research.
      SG-II facility is the earliest high power laser facility operating successfully more than 15 years and become the first open platform of lasers to all of the researcher and academia to execute the laser-physical experiments in China.
      The integrated platform has been put into service since 2016, which consists of the original SG-II eight-beam facility, multifunctional laser system (SG-II 9th beam or Peta-Watt laser) and the SG-II upgrade (SG-II-U) facility. It could service not only nanosecond pulse laser but also picosecond and femtosecond pulse laser with the output ability ranging from ~20KJ and ~1KJ. There are several combinations with different beams in one or two facilities together for shooting. Three different target chambers are built for shooting experiment in two areas.
      This new platform have become the important platform to promote development of inertial confinement fusion (ICF), high energy density (HED) physics, laboratory astrophysics, advanced materials and biomedical therapy and so on. It can provide better research service to satisfy the requirements from different kinds of science fields.
      All of the relatively researchers in the world is welcomed to discuss and execute physical experiment.


  • SG-II 8 ns beams

          SG-II Laser Facility: 8-Beam System:
          SG-II High Power Laser Experimental System (SG-II 8-Beam System) was started building in May 1994, complimented in 2000 and began operation in the same year. Adopting self-devoloped multi-aperture amplifiers and advanced in-line multi-pass laser amplification technology, SG-II 8-Beam System delivers laser beams with highest output energy of 6KJ/1ns and can operate at both the 2ed and the 3rd harmonic frequencies. The system has become one of the most important platforms of domestic experiments in frontier scientific areas such as ICF,X-ray and high energy density now and in faraway future.

  • SG-II 9th beams

          SG-II Facility: the 9th Beam System:
          SG-II Multi-function High Power Laser System (SG-II the 9th Beam System) as a surppotive system in SG-II Facility, was under construction from the end of 2002 to 2005, and bagan operation in the same year with its complemetion. Its highest output energy is 5.2kJ/3ns at basic harmonic frequency,with both the second and the third harmoc frequency transfer efficiencies over 60%. Apart from as a driven laser beam with a relatively higher energy, SG-II the 9th Beam can also offer positive diagnoses fro physical experiements, providing a comprehensive and precise undersanding the physical status of plasma, thereby a quantative congnition of physical processes and laws.

  • SG-II-UP 8 ns beams

          SG-II Upgrading Facility:
          SG-II Upgrading Facility was constructed and began operation in 2016, with 8 beams’ total energy of 40kJ/3ns /1ω, 24kJ/3ns/3ω. After its construction, in combination with SG-II 8-beam system and Multi-function High Power Laser System (SG-II the 9th Beam System and SG-II PW system), a new comprehensive experiment platform is formed. This platform provides the shooting ability to integrate nanosecond pulses of tens of thousand scale joule with picosecond pulses of thousand scale joule, meeting the demands of scientific research in areas such as ICF, high energy density physics, laboratory astrophysics, new-type materials and biomedical diagnoses and so on.

  • SGⅡHigh Power Laser Facilities

          SGⅡHigh Power Laser Facilities

  • SGⅡUP High Power Laser Facilities

          SGⅡUP High Power Laser Facilities