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National Time Service Center,CAS

Contact: Zhao Xiaohui

Phone: +86 29-83890423

Email: zhaoxh@ntsc.ac.cn

BPL and BPM Time Service Systems (BPL BPM)

      BPL and BPM time service systems are the national indispensable fundamental projects and public welfare facilities,which are constructed and maintained by National Time Service Center (NTSC) of Chinese Academy of Science, and they have been listed as the major national science and technology infrastructure supported by the special funds of Ministry of Finance. The systems have been providing the reliable high precision time service for various industries and departments related the development of national economy, national defense and national security etc., they have greatly satisfied the nation’s demands for standard time and frequency signals since the 70s of last century.
      In recent years, the ability and performance of timekeeping and times service of BPL & BPM time service systems have been improved continuously. Through research on high-performance atomic clocks, measurement of precision time frequency, technology of long-distance international time comparison and theory and method of timekeeping, the medium and long-term stability of the national official time UTC(NTSC) have been ranked steadily top four among more than 70 timekeeping centers in the world, the difference between UTC(NTSC) and the international standard time (UTC) has been controlled within ±5 nanoseconds, it is an international advanced level, and it plays an important influence for the establishment of the international standard time UTC.
      In the meantime,to face the national grand strategic needs and take the opportunities, the facilities will build nationwide high-precision optical fiber time & frequency transmission network and three long wave radio stations in western China, on the basis of the original BPL time transmission system. The aim is to establish high-reliable, high-accurate ground-based time service system covering the whole country, and form an independent, integrally shared and mutually enhanced satellite-ground integrated time service system. Additionally, the BPC low frequency time code station, telephone, network, digital television and optical fiber time service systems have been established in order to expand the applications of standard time signals, and to form gradually an overall, multi-means and multi-level national time service systems. The trusted timestamp authentication service which was studied and developed independently and low frequency time code service(radio clock)have been widely used in all fields of economy and society.

Equipment Data Resource

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