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Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics,CAS

Contact: Yan Shanchuan

Phone: +86 21-33933941

Email: yansc@sinap.ac.cn

X-ray Free Electron Laser Test Facility (SXFEL)

      X-ray free electron laser test facility (hereinafter referred to as SXFEL) is a major national science and technology infrastructure based on joint application by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the Ministry of Education. CAS Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics (SINAP) is the legal entity of the project and Peking University is the co-builder. According to the official approval to the project feasibility study report, its scientific goals are “to explore a two-stage cascaded seeded free-electron laser (FEL), including two-stage cascaded HGHG and EEHG-HGHG, so as to identify the development roadmap of hard-X-ray FEL facilities, solve and master key technologies, reserve talents and technologies, and conduct pre-research for the construction of hard-X-ray FEL facilities.” The project engineering goal is “to build an RF LINAC driven soft-X-ray FEL and provide foundation for user facility upgrade and to develop an RF superconducting accelerating unit so as to realize its localization.”
      The construction contents of SXFEL include a electron linac with 840 MeV beam energy, a free electron laser amplifier with 9 nm output wavelength, buildings and infrastructures which contain accelerator tunnel and klystron gallery, etc. The total building area is 6919.5 m2. At the same time, a radio frequency superconducting acceleration unit is developed.